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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


We understand that charities and non-profits face various budget constraints and need to be able to demonstrate to stakeholders and donors that they are spending their budget in the most effective way. With charities under pressure to deliver a high level of service to all their stakeholders in an increasingly digitised world, we understand that having the right IT services is vital to enable your team to work and communicate effectively.

Banking & Financial Services

Whether your primary business is insurance, banking, brokering or investments, financial institutions face similar IT objectives. They all want to improve operational efficiency, transform the client experience and guarantee security and compliance.

BVR delivers a variety of IT services and support for the financial services. 

Our strategic approach to IT ensures all technology investments align with your business objectives, giving you solid foundations on which to grow.


For many years, organisations have made gradual changes to their IT infrastructure – adding servers, upgrading software, patching devices. However, this method of modernisation assumes that the overall design aligns to the objectives of the organisation.

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