More and more enterprises are migrating to Voice over IP (VoIP) or IP Telephony to take advantage of the cost savings gained by converging voice and data traffic onto a single network structure. With years of experience in delivering IP Telephony or voice solutions to businesses of all sizes, BVR have developed solutions based on technology from Cisco Systems. Please visit our Voice Section to find out more on the types of voice solution available to suit your business.

BVR's unified communications solution delivery, capability and our knowledge of network architecture and IP technology are combined with expertise in business realities. We also have a breadth of experience in data and voice. Our knowledge of voice, both in the IP and legacy space, and skills to migrate traditional voice onto IP networks, are invaluable in our plan, build and support approach of VoIP infrastructures, which incorporate the following:

  • Preparing the WAN for VoIP that involves Quality of Service and bandwidth sizing
  • Ensure that your voice infrastructure technology is enabled for IP; and
  • Build the enterprise dial plan, ensuring that it is logical, consistent and easy to use

Our services can be topped with a support component. We manage your network infrastructure to ensure that the quality of service and bandwidth have been implemented and remain consistent and suitable for your voice traffic.