BVR are a Microsoft Partner who recommend & support Microsoft's latest solutions for a stable Network environment.

Our engineers are all trained and qualified to SUPPORT all versions of Microsoft Network Software.

Our consultants have experience in the design implementation and future proofing infrastructures to meet the ever changing and more demanding needs of our clients.

We recognise that not every organisation requires a dedicated support team which is why we have tailored our services into flexible computer support packages, giving you the freedom to 'pick n' mix' the support you want, when you want it.

Our services and contracts are designed to minimise the potential damage caused to your business by computer downtime. From a maximum on-site four hour response times to remote network management services BVR can supply the IT support that you business needs.

BVR of Central London is a full service IT support and managed services provider. Our clients also have offices in other parts of the UK and sites throughout the world.

We specialize in network design, architecture, implementation, support and maintenance on every aspect of data systems from design, through firewall/VPN security to end user support. Our Microsoft Certified technicians have decades of experience and a broad-based knowledge of business systems.

LogMeIn Rescue is used by our IT helpdesk to provide instant remote support to our customers. We can gain complete control of a remote PC, over the web in seconds, without the need to pre-install software.

We can ensure that the key parts of your 'whole system' that can cause the most grief - are kept working. We monitor the critical parts of your systems including internet connection, bandwidth usage, backup jobs, remote offices, website... as well as your Servers.

Servers will be monitored 24/7 for optimum performance, potential problems will be resolved before any loss of services. Essential reports on your data back-up, disk storage and capacities are generated on a daily basis. Critical maintenance can be administered remotely without any down time.