News » Olympics London 2012

The Olympic organising committee are advising Central London businesses to implement remote working schemes to take pressure off the London Transport System.

Business cannot afford nearly 6 weeks of interruption to their business practices or loss of revenue.

As the most significant business implication here is an increased difficulty for staff getting to work, wherever possible, you should provide employees with the equipment they need to work from home. This might not be as simple as a laptop and an internet connection. For example, if employees are likely to need to access information on your company's network, you may need to set up a VPN system. If you are dealing with sensitive information, remember that you might have legal obligations regarding data protection.

BVR can advise and arrange alternatives to assist you making the correct decision for your Business and ensuring access to key data for the period of disruption.

Talk to BVR about the options for enabling your staff to work remotely and make sure your business doesn't suffer during the 6 weeks of Olympics and ParaOlympics.

BVR can assist in setting up remote access to your Server's from any location and organising that essential video conference call.

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