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grIDSure Login Screenshot

Using GrIDsure as the front-end login to your Windows domain greatly increases endpoint security without increasing complexity, cost or end-user inconvenience.

Increasingly sophisticated hacking and phishing attacks demonstrate that the traditional username and password combination is no longer a sufficiently secure method of login. In response, many organisations enforce greater password complexity and regular password changes on their users. This, however, increases the mental strain on users; passwords get written down or forgotten which further compromises security and incurs costly password resets. Other organisations deploy token devices as a solution to improve security but these token-based systems are costly to implement, and tokens are often left in laptop bags or desk drawers so provide little real security. They also have an obvious environmental cost.

GrIDsure’s elegant and simple solution provides you with increased security but without increased complexity for the end-user or any need for costly additional hardware. Instead of remembering a fixed password, the user simply remembers a secret pattern of squares on a grid and then uses this to 'look up' and enter a one-time passcode. With GrIDsure, the secret is never shared and never needs to be revealed, so cannot easily be stolen by a third party.

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