Business Continuity

  • What happens if your server is stolen or is subject to a major failure?
  • What happens if your offices are affected by terrorism, fire, flood or act of god?
  • What is the impact of not having your fileserver, email and data available?

In order to minimise the disruption that may be caused you will need a business continuity plan in place. The basic plan that most companies use is to backup data on to tape and to store the tape off-site.

If you ever need to restore your data from the last available tape you could be without a fileserver and data for at least 3 working days. This is an estimate based upon the assumption that the backup tape supplied works and that there is a replacement fileserver available.

Our proposal is that you have a replacement server stored off-site which is regularly tested with your backup tapes. In the event of a need we can restore your latest available backup tape to the server and install this unit on-site within 7 working hours. All that is then required will be to connect the workstations and printers to the new server.

Can you afford to allow your company to take the risk any longer?

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

BVR consultants will put a proposal together to meet all requirements and budgets just call, your initial meeting will cost you nothing but time.